Managed WordPress Hosting

Morpheus Hosting offers specialized WordPress hosting that is configured to make a professional blog sing!

When competing for customer attention, speed is king. If you want your readers to stay, then you need your site optimized for speed. The process of optimization requires time, technical knowledge and diligent updates. Our WordPress hosting takes away the pain of these technical tasks – we do all of this for you, as part of the hosting.

Updates. WordPress has become a complex software platform in it’s own right. When dazzling template and powerful software plug-ins are added to a core WordPress installation, site owners can end up with an incredible website. There are now millions of websites using WordPress, but many users are too busy dealing with their business, rather than keeping tabs on the technology that runs their website. When code gets outdated, it can become a target for hackers. This is why we created our special hassle free WordPress hosting package. We have years of experience with this, and we know how to keep your site in tip-top shape.

Why Choose WordPress hosting? Top Performance and Managed sites

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Our servers are fine tuned by server administrators with specific experience with demanding sites on the WordPress platform.

Automatic Cloud Backup

We save multiple cloud-based backups of your web site so you can re-install your complete site if needed.

SSL Included

Security is always an important issue. We provide Comodo SSL certificate with your website as a standard security feature of your site. Know that your staff’s logins are secure.

Core file and Plug-in Updates

As part of keeping your WordPress site software secure and up-to-date, we automatically update all of your site infrastructure.

Expandable to Fit any site

Our Cloud infrastructure enables us to dedicate more RAM, CPU, Storage as needed. If you only require increased capacity for a short time, we can easily contract resources based on your needs.


Global Content Delivery Network (CND) to help deliver the speed of your site to every corner of the globe.