Full Service Hosting

Perfect for Small Companies in need of basic I.T. infrastructure

Morpheus Hosting Full Service Hosting packages offer full management and maintenance of the website infrastructure, content, and optimization on the search engines.   All businesses need a presence on the web, but not all companies have the knowledge, time or staff available to maintain their website in house.  If you prefer to focus on your key talents and leave the tasks of managing your website presence to us, here is what you can expect:

Monthly content updates: We will maintain content changes such as new articles, blog posts, personnel changes, image gallery updates, eCommerce product changes.

Social Media: Maintaining your website is only part of the puzzle when creating an online presence.   Updating and maintaining social media sites is a large part of any brand’s marketing efforts.   We can create custom plans, to cover the amount and size of social presence your marketing efforts demand.

Software Updates: Most modern websites use snazzy software that helps connect your public website, your social media feeds, perhaps guest writers, advertising, eCommerce store fronts and more.   Each piece of your website can be a very complex piece of software. If your website requires this level of technology, keeping the software update date is important.  It keeps costs down by doing simple updates over time, rather than letting your software go out of date.

Security Updates: Much like security updates for Microsoft Windows, we make sure pertinent security updates are maintained for your website software. This is particularly important for websites that collect customer information.

Website Optimization: We make sure your site and content is formatted and optimized properly so that search engines such as Google and Bing can find your website.

Domain Name Management: We can take care of purchasing, renewal and DNS management of your domain name.

Email Accounts:  We help our full service customers plan and manage their email accounts and organize their communication needs so that important messages don’t get missed.

Growth and other I.T. Related issues: If your company grows, we make sure your online presence grows with you.   These services include: Adding sub-domains, securing sites with SSL certificates, adding Content Management Systems, installing Customer Relationship Software, internal blogs, wikis and more.