When setting up Incoming mail servers, what is the difference between POP3 vs IMAP email

IMAP and POP3 are protocols used to access and download email from email servers, to your computer.

When using the POP3 protocol for accessing your email, your mail client (for example, Microsoft Outlook software on the Desktop PC) will download each mail from the server to your computer.  

When accessing email using the IMAP mail protocol, the mail remains on the server.  Your email remains stored on the remote server.  this is similar to accessing a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account.  With IMAP, you can view the mail stored on the server from your desktop computer, your phone and via webmail. If you delete mail when using your phone, it will automatically be deleted the next time you access your mail on your computer. 

IMAP is a great choice for people who need to access their mail from multiple devices. 

POP3, on the other hand, is great if you store a large amount of emails with large attachments.  by downloading your email to your computer, you remove it from the server and avoid filling up your server space with old emails. 
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